Postgraduate Education

Postgraduate training in clinical toxicology in the UK falls within the curriculum of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT). Training in CPT is often combined with general medicine or other specialties such as renal or stroke medicine. All of our consultant toxicologists in Edinburgh hold a certificate of completion of training (CCT) in CPT. We also have three CPT Speciality Registrar (ST3+) doctors undertaking a clinical and academic training program including clinical toxicology.

Training doctors in other specialties (particularly Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine) are often interested in broadening their experience of clinical toxicology. We have hosted a number of training doctors within Edinburgh Clinical Toxicology. Many have also conducted research projects during their attachment, often resulting in publication.

Testimonial of current ST4 in CPT in Edinburgh:

“The Edinburgh Clinical Toxicology department represents an unrivalled opportunity for trainees to cultivate skills in both the clinical and academic branches of toxicology”

“Clinical contribution includes: twice daily supervised-trainee or consultant-led toxicology ward rounds, weekly TOXBASE editing meetings,  bimonthly research meetings and experience of the national on-call toxicology service”

“Most importantly is the level of support, encouragement and shared experience offered by the consultants in ECT, ultimately giving trainees the confidence to pursue their own endeavours”

“Toxicology is an engaging and experience-led specialty; I would strongly encourage other trainees to consider Edinburgh for their training and the specialty of clinical toxicology as a whole”

We have a variety of opportunities to offer those wishing to pursue an interest in clinical toxicology. Please contact Dr Euan Sandilands for more information.