Over the last few years, staff members have received several national and international prizes for their research:

The 2017 Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize to develop a prototype device to rapidly diagnose drug-induced liver damage, awarded to James Dear, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, and Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas and Till Bachmann, Division of Pathway and Infection Medicine.

The prize-winning project will make a new device to rapidly measure a new class of blood test. This microRNA can diagnose liver damage from drugs more accurately than current tests.

James Dear (right) - 2017 Rosetrees Trust Inderdisciplinary Prize

The 2017 Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Cullen Medal for the greatest benefit to the practice of medicine, awarded to Michael Eddleson.

James Dear - BPS Grahame-Smith Prize

The 2017 British Pharmacological Society Grahame-Smith Prize for Clinical Pharmacology, awarded to James Dear for outstanding contributions to research in clinical pharmacology. 

The 2016 Taylor & Francis Prize for Outstanding Oral Presentation at the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology, awarded to Janice Pettie for her presentation entitled "Treatment of acetaminophen overdose with a 12 hour acetylcysteine regimen: the first report of safety and efficacy in routine clinical practice".

Previous prizes have included: the 2013 British Pharmacological Society's Lilly Prize (Nick Bateman), the 2011 Lister Institute for Preventative Medicine's Lister Research Prize (Michaael Eddleston), the 2008 British Pharmacological Society's GlaxoSmithKline Prize (Michael Eddleston), the 2008 European Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicologists Young Investigator Award (Nasrin Pakravan), and the 2007 International Union of Toxicology's inaugural Early Toxicologist Award (Michael Eddleston).